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Precision offers many options for you to promote, sell, give away, reward, and recognize your valued customers, prospective customers, employees, and vendors via customized web ordering tools. Four of our most popular stores are described below with interactive examples and ready to be customized with your company logo, color scheme, and personally selected items or rewards. Company store programs are FREE for our valued customers and completely customizable and maintained in-house. Alter the selection as often as you wish to meet your company's changing objectives. With this online showcase, you can display your seasonal merchandise, target niche markets such as frequent buyers, employees, VIP customers, or rewards for purchasing targeted products, years of service, or job well done. Please phone or email our knowledgeable sales professionals to discuss which model is best suited for your company.

Special Order Company Store : your own internal special order company store with your logo and color scheme on the home page. Mirror image of Precision’s website – www.LogoStop.com , but you may add or delete product categories as you wish. Items are not stocked. No upfront costs, you are billed as special orders are fulfilled. This web ordering tool assists various buyers throughout your organization and will display all approved company logo’s already set-up for various items. Small minimum quantity orders are required per order.

Stock Company Store : you can choose as little as 1 item for us to stock & fulfill with your approved and standardized logo(s). Only upfront cost is purchase of inventory. Monthly reports generated for your review and budgetary tracking.

Rewards & Recognition Store : your customers, prospects &/or personnel have multiple choices in rewards at various point levels of logo'd or blank items. Great incentive for "targeted," end user product(s), employee retention, & thank you gifts. More points recipient achieves = higher valued gifts. Points are self populated via product serial #'s, sku #'s, years of service, or any other distinguishable variable you assign. Additional features to choose from: gift certificates available & recipients can purchase additional points with Visa/MC. Awards are completely customizable in product offering. You are billed as merchandise is fulfilled, even with gift certificates. Complete data capture and monthly reports.

Employee Purchase Program : Strengthen employee pride by letting your personnel choose their own logo’d apparel and accessories with your approved and standardized logo. This unique shopping experience has a proven track record that increases employee satisfaction and happiness which results in greater employee retention. Specifications: you choose the embroidered item(s) offered to employees; employees shop online; once agreed upon minimum order quantity is met – items will be pooled together for production and shipped direct to employees home or you for employee presentation. Payment options: employee pays full or part via credit card online; bill you direct for all or part and you payroll deduct; employee personal checks may also be considered.